Stephen Surlin
Stephen Surlin Photo by Arturo Herrera

Stephen Surlin

A collection of Work in Art, Design and Audio

I am an artist, designer, musician and recent graduate of the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design (IAMD) Program at OCAD University, receiving my Master’s of Design (MDes) Degree.

My previous and current research revolves around rapid prototyping (3D printing) and manufacturing, along with sustainable and critical design. This research led me to examine historical forms of communication, communal sharing, consumption, and how these systems can inform current technology to exist in a more ambient and open-source form, especially in a widely internet enabled society. My practice uses several methodologies including the diegetic prototype; a kind of creative making that  promotes innovation by designing interfaces or objects for the near future.


Learn more about the Brewcast Project.

…And Hear The Coffee: The Brewcast Project as Diegetic Prototype for a Post-smartphone Design Fiction


I have designed the Brewcast project, a communication interface that attempts to combine coffee drinking, social networking technology and telecommunication interface design.


Mexe: Capoeira X Wearable Technology

3D Printing, AfroFuturism, Audio, Film, MaxMSP, Open Source, Wearable Technology


The making of Mexe: Capoeira X Wearable Tech

3D Printing, AfroFuturism, Audio, Design, Film, MaxMSP, Process, Wearable Technology


Politics of Design Exhibit at Xpace Gallery

3D Printing, Design, Design Fiction, Graphic Design, Open Source, Product Design, Research


The Brewcast Project: Diegetic Prototype for a Post-smartphone Design Fiction

Audio, Design, Design Fiction, Open Source, Product Design

Making Of Brewcast

The making of: Brewcast – Diegetic Prototype For The Near Future

Design, Design Fiction, Process, Product Design


Bamboo Anglepoise 1227 Lamp

3D, AfroFuturism, Design, Product Design


Coffee Ceremony in RGB+D

3D, 3D Camera, AfroFuturism, Film, Open Source, Process, Research

ACNE LA Making

The Sphere – ACNE LA – Interactive Installation

3D Printing, Audio, Design, Design Fiction, MaxMSP, Open Source, Process

Body Editing Computer

Mobile Experience Lab: Body Editing Research

3D Camera, Audio, BioArt, Design, MaxMSP, Open Source, Process, Research, Wearable Technology

MBK2 Feature

Mind + Body + Korg: An EEG Sensing Performance Interface

Audio, MaxMSP, Wearable Technology

MOOG UI Poster BW Crop


3D, 3D Camera, Audio, MaxMSP


Dig In! Campus Agriculture Project

Design, Graphic Design, Mapping, Open Source


Imagining Sisyphus Happy

Design, MaxMSP, Open Source


Vanitas 3D

3D, Design, Open Source


MicroCompositions: A BioArt Work at the Ontario Science Centre

Audio, BioArt, Film, MaxMSP

BioArt Main Title

BioArt: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences Billboard Designs

3D, BioArt, Design, Graphic Design

My Bust

My Bust

3D, 3D Camera, AfroFuturism, Design, Open Source


Open-Source 3D Scanning Research

3D, 3D Camera, Open Source, Research

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