Stephen Surlin

December 2, 2014

The Brewcast Project

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The Brewcast Project: Diegetic Prototype for a Post-smartphone Design Fiction


I have designed the Brewcast project, a communication interface that attempts to combine coffee drinking, social networking technology and telecommunication interface design. By making a functioning prototype, I attempt to problematize current design conventions and motivations, placing value on the narrative of the design, a design fiction. The design fiction I create in my work takes place in a near-future where post smartphone culture, ubiquitous computing and wide spread internet or network access has replaced the need for individualized smart-phones and social networking apps. Through this widespread access to wi-fi hotspots that provide city-wide internet access people may be less inclined to carry around a personal communication device because of access to internet based connection almost anywhere. Social networking may revert back to traditional social collective interaction styles with the obsolescing of individualized mobile communication technologies. Durational interactions, like coffee drinking, could become a model for these social interaction technologies.


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