Stephen Surlin

ETH: Ergonomic Tool Holder

Saddle Mounted Compost Basket


Bee Baths

Fabric Simulations and 3D Printing

Mexe: Capoeira X Wearable Technology

The making of Mexe: Capoeira X Wearable Tech

Politics of Design Exhibit at Xpace Gallery

The Brewcast Project: Diegetic Prototype for a Post-smartphone Design Fiction

The making of: Brewcast – Diegetic Prototype For The Near Future

Bamboo Anglepoise 1227 Lamp

Coffee Ceremony in RGB+D

The Sphere – ACNE LA – Interactive Installation

Mobile Experience Lab: Body Editing Research

Mind + Body + Korg: An EEG Sensing Performance Interface


Dig In! Campus Agriculture Project

Imagining Sisyphus Happy

Vanitas 3D

MicroCompositions: A BioArt Work at the Ontario Science Centre