Stephen Surlin

3D, 3D Printing, BioArt, Design, Design Fiction, Product Design

Bee Baths

Bee Baths is a Speculative Design project, where I attempted to imagine a near future where native bee populations could be included in the product design landscape of the growing condo or high-rise apartment lifestyle of Toronto. This bee bath was intended to be designed in a style that could be seen on the shelves of Umbra or Muji. This bath could also be accompanied by specially made planters for local pollinator friendly plants and bee houses.

This print was created using natural PLA filament in order to reduce the toxic materials used in 3D printing. I designed this model on Fusion 360, after 3D laser scanning several rocks to be form-fitted. The bowl around the rocks was specifically designed to make sure the water level never rises past half of the rocks height, to make sure the bees are never drowned and to ensure water is available to bathe in and drink from.