Stephen Surlin

Audio, MaxMSP, Wearable Technology

Mind + Body + Korg: An EEG Sensing Performance Interface

Mind + Body + Korg


Mind+Body+Korg is a work that experiments with the potentials for biometric data, collected from the MindWave EEG (brain waves) sensing headset I am wearing, being able to play a physical instrument, the MicroKorg keyboard I have in front of me.

The data from the headset that is received by Max/MSP in the form of 7 brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.) is translated into MIDI notation, which is sent to the MicroKorg synthesizer. After the note data is sent, I begin to manipulate settings on the keyboard, including cutoff frequency, decay, sustain and etc. changing the texture of the sound.

In this way I am attempting to collaborate, perform or jam with my quantified mind, which at this point, could be considered separated from my body.