Stephen Surlin

3D Camera, Audio, BioArt, Design, MaxMSP, Open Source, Process, Research, Wearable Technology

Mobile Experience Lab: Body Editing Research

Mobile Experience Lab: Body Editing


A description of the work Ive done during my time with the Mobile Experience Lab at OCAD University.
The Mobile Experience Lab website describes the Body Editing project:

Body Editing is a gesture and biosensor platform that returns feedback (in the form of music, sound and visuals) to users. Users can move, gesture or provide biometric data, for example, to paint a picture, form a fractal, create a sound scape or musical composition. It explores the relationship between the experience of movement, of biodata, and the generative production of data aesthetics. In this installation, users are tracked in the installation space, and as well, passersby are captured by a motion capture camera to contribute to the feedback; together they create a layered data visualization experience.